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6mm Ranges

A range of handmade buildings using a variety of materials including, PVC plastic sheeting, MDF, Card, wood, Teddy Bear pelt. They are solid but lightweight and perfect for gaming purposes.

All buildings are built to order (unless you are lucky and order something I have in show stock,) and depending on the number of orders some delay my happen, added to that I am not always the best time estimator, so inform me if a specific deadline is in place.

Note on Postage:

For UK buyers, postage is included in the sale price. For large orders a refund of excess is made once precise costs are known.

For Europe and ROW please enquire before ordering as the shipping costs can get high for packages, and I can estimate cost.

Greek Myth  
500pt Army  
1000pts Army  


Sized for 28mm figures. Tower roof is removable for easy access. Available with Horse Head Towers or Dragon Head Towers.

Price: £12.00

28mm Ranges
28mm American Civil War      
28mm Anglo Zulu War      
28mm Witches      
28mm General fantasy          
Skeletal West                  
28mm Beastmen  

Ruined Tower, solid lightweight model, sized for 28mm Figures, comes undercoated in Grey Primer. Base covers approximately 11" square.


Price: £30

28mm Familiars  
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Examples of other work
28mm Southern American Mansion
28mm Samauri Castle

Fabled Troy:

6mm model, covering an area od 24" by 12"